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  1. Karl Ahlgren

    I’ve been looking for a local running group in Stockholm. I will be in Stockholm July1-3, 2011 and would appreciate running with a few people any of those mornings.
    I will also be in Oslo July 8 and Bergen July 12-14.
    Anyone interested can send me the information by my email address attached.
    Thank you,

  2. Carlos

    Hi !!!
    I will be in sweden beginning of march in Lindesberg, is there anyone heading to the mountains nearby for a trail run??
    I’m from mallorca so if there’s someone interested for a trail run I could show some of our mountain runs as an exchange ….
    Regards and happy trails !!


  3. Eric Pederson

    It looks like my family will be living in Uppsala from August 2012 until about July 2013 (I’ll be working at the University). I speak no Scandinavian language (despite paternal ancestry), though I can manage in Dutch, English, and German.
    The maps of the area sure look flat! If any familiar with the Uppsala region would be willing to forward tips about trail running areas (and perhaps equipment sources in Uppsala or Stockholm) that would be very much appreciated. I’m happy to meet with local runners too, but I’m fine on my own. Thanks in advance!

  4. Marco Verzucoli

    Hi there, I want suggest you the mountain trail running that will be held next 9th September 2012 on the Majella National Park in Italy, as part of a 3 days event with the aim of fundraising for the PAN Parks Foundation, The WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) initiative to improve nature conservation through sustainable tourism development.

  5. Christian

    Hi, all trail runners out there. I´m arranging a unique and epic ultra adventure in Blekinge 31 Aug-2 sept 2012, read more on the link (use G translate on top of page for english or other languages)…hope to hear from you if you are interested in joining me.

  6. Joan

    Hello! I wonder if there is a trail race calendar for Sweden or Stockholm, I am new to Sweden and look where you can run mountain! thank you very much

  7. calle sunnerholm

    Tjenare! Har snubblat in på hemsidan här då jag har sökt efter bra träningsprogram inför ultravasan 90 km! Har ni några bra förslag eller kör ni träningstillfällen som man kan hänga på? Jag bor i mölndal men för bra träningstillfällena kan jag förflytta mig långt :-)! Ni kan höra av er till mig på min mail om ni vill: csunnerholm@hotmail.com.

    Ha det bäst/ calle

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